Different Types of Corporate Catering Events

Different Types of Nashville Corporate Catering EventsWhat style of Corporate Catering are you looking for when searching for “corporate caterers Nashville”?The definition of corporate catering is pretty simple – catering for corporate functions. And while the meaning might be simple, the process itself isn’t always! There are many different types of corporate catering in Nashville, and the choice you make depends on the size of your event and the services you require. From once-off functions, through to daily or weekly

Top 5 Things to Consider when Budgeting for Nashville Catering

The Top 5 Things to Consider When Budgeting for Nashville CateringMany people think catering costs are similar to restaurant prices, but so much more goes into the total cost of Nashville catering.Nashville Wedding Venues and Their Respective Locations If you’re not working with a catering venue such as Legacy Farms, you may incur additional costs because the staff needs to travel and safely bring the food to the wedding venue location. If the venue has stairs or extra steps, we

What Food Should Be on Your Spring Wedding Inspiration Board

There’s a reason why spring weddings are so popular. Besides the gentle breezes and warming weather, the blooming of gorgeous blossoms can provide a perfect backdrop for your special day. Even if you have no immediate wedding plans, it’s never too early to get a start on envisioning your celebration. Fragrant floral arrangements, silky-smooth tablecloths and pastel-colored bridesmaid dresses tend to come to mind when people imagine a spring wedding. However, the most enjoyable component of any party can also

Is Formal or Informal Wedding Catering Right for Me?

Now that spring is about to poke its head out of the dreary winter sky, it’s time to start thinking about planning for the big day as wedding season comes in full force.  And catering should be at the top of your list, since there’s no better way to tell your family and friends you appreciate them coming out for your special day than to serve them a great meal. If you’re looking to have a classic, swanky, black-tie affair,

What are The First Things to Do Once You Get Engaged?

You’re engaged! Congratulations! You likely want to spend this magical moment gushing about how it happened with your friends and family and cuddling with your new fiancé. While there will be plenty of time for celebration later, there are a few things to think about as soon as possible to ensure that your wedding day is the perfect beginning to your happily ever after. THE DATE First, it’s important to nail down a date. The best venues and most popular