Many brides and grooms alike stress over catering Nashville more than any other aspect of the wedding—if your family and friends are traveling to celebrate you, don’t you want to serve them top-notch food and drinks? To ensure a great time, consider hopping on to one of these new Nashville catering trends:

Personalized Cocktails

From wedding hashtags to specialized dress codes, any touch that’s unique to the bride and groom is sure to be a hit. Try creating a personalized cocktail reflecting you and your significant others’ tastes and personalities to serve to your guests.

Round Two

When the clock strikes midnight and your guests start to feel the effects of the open bar, it’s time for a second serving! Bring out some snacks to satisfy late night cravings—this can be as simple as mini cheeseburgers or a cheese and charcuterie board. Your party animal friends will thank you!


Instead of a stuffy sit-down, plated affair, why not serve a fun, interactive buffet that puts your guests in the drivers seat? Consider a build-your-own pizza, tacos, pasta or crepes station, and even a sundae bar for dessert!

Around the World

Picking just one type of cuisine for your wedding has become passé, now that there are so many of the world’s flavors on offer. Global fusion is one of the top culinary trends emerging in 2020, especially since couples often come from opposite ends of the globe and can use the wedding as an opportunity to either share their traditional dishes or try new cuisines.

Catering Nashville

Nashville caterers have an essential role to play at your wedding—making sure the food and drink are top-notch on your big day! Whether you’d prefer a casual buffet-style meal or a formal plated dinner,  our Nashville catering company will create a delicious menu your guests won’t soon forget.