When choosing your wedding reception menu, deciding what food to have might be harder than you thought. The pressure to plan a meal for hundreds of people can be overwhelming. Worrying over who likes this, who hates that, and which foods are the most photogenic can make it seem impossible to decide what to serve. At A Catered Affair, we think you should go with your gut–literally! Don’t be afraid to choose your favorite foods for your wedding reception. After all, it’s your wedding day-you should eat what you want!

Don’t get caught up trying to please every guest at your reception.

salmon on buffet at wedding reception

This salmon looks amazing!


Just because your ten closest friends are Pescatarian, that doesn’t mean you should serve salmon if it’s not your favorite dish. It’s your wedding day! The food should be catered to you, not all your guests. If having something that everyone will like at your reception is important to you, A Catered Affair is more than capable of creating a buffet with plenty of options that is sure to please everyone.

Let food reflect your personality.

toppings for a taco bar at reception

Who doesn’t love a taco bar?!

Do your friends know about your love affair with tacos? Then by all means, have a taco bar! Is your fiance secretly dating his favorite Italian restaurant? Then chicken parmesan is a fantastic choice. You deserve the foods you love on your special day, and if that means having fried chicken and mashed potatoes, there is no shame in a down-home, southern wedding reception if that’s what you want.

Don’t feel obligated to go fancy.

green beans on a buffet at wedding reception

You just can’t beat green beans!

Lobster sure is tempting, but if you’re more of a barbeque and mac-n-cheese kind of person, go with what you like. Your wedding day isn’t the best time to try caviar for the first time–choose something you know you love. There is nothing wrong with simple foods and after a long day, you and your fiance will be glad to have something delicious and satisfying.

Writing: Corinne Noelle

Photography: Nashville Wedding Collection, Belle McKay Photography, Laura K Allen Photography