Your guests have arrived ready to spend their evening celebrating the happiest day of your life with you! They get dressed up in their very best, look for a date and/or call a sitter. They spend the time to pick out the perfect gift to welcome you on board a beautiful new journey. How do you show them, we’re glad you came? Feed them a fantastic meal!

Many struggle with the decision to have a buffet or plated meal for their event. Whether you are concerned about how it fits into your budget or how it fits into the theme of your overall evening, we have put together a few ways to help determine which fit is best for you. Bon Appetit!

The Buffet

Pros: A buffet style dinner is the more economical option. It offers a laid back environment and gives your guests options. Your guests are able to choose exactly what they like, how much of it they want, and when they want to go back for seconds. It requires minimal amounts of staff and the option to prepare prior to the event’s start which in turn is kind to your budget.

Cons: While the buffet is great for getting your guests up out of their table to mix and mingle with their friends, it does have a waiting period. Not everyone will eat at the same time and some may finish their meals before the others get started. Guests are asked to wait in a line to make their plates which can take the formality out of your event as a whole.

The Plated Meal

Pros: A plated meal is the perfect way to show off a formal setting. Each guest eats at the same time and is served in a relaxed restaurant type setting. It gives your guests a chance to catch up with one another around the table and rest up before they dance the night away! It is both traditional and displays the meal you worked hard to choose in a beautiful way.

Cons: The formality of the plated meal takes time and additional staff to prepare. This will drive costs up when sitting down with your catering budget. The timeline of your event needs to be just right in order to ensure each guest is served with a hot meal in a timely fashion. Guests won’t be able to pick and choose exactly what they want or the quantities which may leave your picky eaters or extra hungry friends with more to desire.

Overall, if you are feeding your friends a delicious meal there are very few ways to go wrong. Hiring the right catering Nashville team to make sure your event’s food is a hit is the best way to go.

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Catering Nashville

Nashville caterers have an essential role to play at your wedding—making sure the food and drink are top-notch on your big day! Whether you’d prefer a casual buffet-style meal or a formal plated dinner,  our Nashville catering company will create a delicious menu your guests won’t soon forget.