Appetizers are an important part of any wedding. After the ceremony people are hungry, especially the wedding the party who have spent all day doing wedding things. There is no question that you are going to need some food circulating during the transition from wedding ceremony to wedding reception. The question is, should you have passed appetizers or an appetizer table for you and your guests to enjoy? A Catered Affair can hook you up with whatever option fits your wedding best!

Passed Apps
bite sized appetizers for wedding

How delicious do these look?

Passed appetizers are an excellent choice for more elegant weddings. If the vibe you want is one of sophistication, having our incredible team of waitstaff bring delicious, bite-sized bliss directly to your guests is absolutely a great choice. If you’ve opted for a plated, formal dining experience then passed appetizers will certainly complement the atmosphere you’re trying to create. They bring a splash of flavor to any cocktail hour, and allow for effortless munching to hold your guests over until dinner is served. Choose two or three varieties of bite-sized snacks, and allow your cocktail hour to shine!

Appetizer Table
appetizer table with fruit and cheese

The Appetizer Table can often have more options than passed apps

If you want your wedding reception to have a more comfortable, friendly environment, then an appetizer table is the answer for you. A superb prequel to a loaded buffet, the appetizer table allows for a more relaxed cocktail hour while you, your family, and friends relax and wait for the party to start. One of the perks of having an app table is the freedom it allows your guests to graze as they like, without the pressure of having to keep an eye out for their favorite appetizer and the person serving it. This way, everyone is able to get what they like, have their own plate, and make sure they get enough fuel to last until the buffet is opened.

falafel bites wedding appetizer

Who doesn’t love Falafel?

So, should you choose passed appetizers or an appetizer table? Both options will blow the minds and mouths of your guests as long as A Catered Affair is doing the cooking. It just comes down to the kind of feel you want for your wedding reception. If it’s classy and proper, go for passed apps. If you want a warm, relaxed vibe, then a table is probably best for you. Or feel free to switch it up and pair passed apps with a buffet, or an appetizer table with a plated meal. It’s your wedding–you do you and let A Catered Affair do all the hard work for you!

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Writing: Corinne Noelle

Photography: Pix by Robyn, Details Nashville, Laura K Allen Photography