Sweetheart Table

Before you and your fiance decide where to dine for your wedding reception dinner, be sure to weigh your options to make the best decision for you. A sweetheart table is by far the most popular way for a new husband and wife to enjoy their first dinner together. Combining decorations, flowers, and candles transforms an otherwise ordinary table into a magical spotlight to debut the first meal of a newly married couple. The sweetheart table gives a bride and groom the chance to have a more intimate meal while still being connected to their guests and loved ones during the wedding reception. A couple is easily celebrated and toasted from their special place, and the sweetheart look is sure to make some fabulous pictures.

sweetheart table and wedding reception dinner

It doesn’t take much to make a sweetheart table look incredible!

Private Dinner

Private dinners are an excellent option for couples who don’t necessarily love to be in the spotlight. More introverted individuals especially benefit from a slight getaway from the action of their wedding reception dinner. Following a ceremony where all eyes are on the bride and groom, it’s completely understandable to want some time to be alone with your new spouse. Your first dinner together as a couple makes a superb time for that! After all, it’s difficult to eat when your guests are toasting and demanding that the happy couple stop to kiss every two minutes! A private dinner also offers a more intimate environment. If that’s what you’re after, this one might just be for you!

Head Table

head table at wedding reception dinner

Check out this stylish head table design!

The head table set up is very popular and makes for a communal wedding reception dinner. The head table usually consists of the wedding party, but some people branch out to include parents and other family members as well. This way all of your closest family and friends are right along side you as you eat together for the first time. If you are a couple that love to share your important moments with people close to you, then this dining style is perfect for your special meal on your special day. Being surrounded by loved ones is a spectacular way to spend your wedding dinner if it suits your personality and the type of setting you desire at your reception.

head table wedding reception dinner

So simple, but so gorgeous!

No matter where you decide to sit, your first meal with your new husband or wife is sure to be as magical as you imagine. As long as A Catered Affair is in the kitchen, the food at your Nashville wedding reception will be better than you ever thought possible!

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Writing: Corinne Noelle