The Endless Possibilities of Flowers

Flowers on a wedding cake might seem like a common sight, but their ability to transform an otherwise plain cake is astounding. Flowers come in every size, shape, and color you could want. Their versatility creates endless options for a bride and groom to choose from.

A look that never fails is flower buds flowing down the side of a beautiful, three-tiered dessert. Added to a pure white cake, the pop of color is hard to keep your eyes off of! This design is simple enough, but it’s so easy to personalize to your style and vision for your wedding. You simply cannot go wrong with this look!

three tier wedding cake with pink and green flowers down the side

The succulents are a nice surprise!

three tiered wedding cake with red and white roses

Deeper colors like red are extremely eye-catching against white icing!

If you find the cascading flower pedals to be a bit much, you can still create a stunning look with a simple garnish. A small arrangement on top or simple ring around the middle has the same effect as an elaborate display. As long as flowers are somewhere, any way you slice it your cake will be a focal point of your wedding reception!

All it takes is a few splashes of color to bring a simple wedding cake to life!

flowers on a wedding cake

Flowers on your wedding cake are a great accent to a rustic wedding theme!

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different

There is always the option of straying from the traditional wedding cake style and creating a unique dessert experience for you and your guests. If the whole three tier thing just isn’t calling to you, try something different like a tiny cake with cupcakes!

This is such a unique look!

A small wedding cake with other dessert options like cupcakes or donuts gives you and your guests the chance to have more fun with dessert. Make things even more exciting by mixing in different flavors and varieties!

donut bar with wedding cake at reception

Who wouldn’t want a donut bar at their wedding reception?

Do You Want Your Cake In The Spotlight Or In The Crowd?

Many couples-to-be decide on a having a dedicated cake table. This is usually in a noticeable area with a few decorations, a nice linen, and sometimes an elevator or cake stand. The cake is a big part of a wedding and an isolated cake table helps set your iced masterpiece apart from the rest of the room.

wedding cake stand

The contrast of red and white is gorgeous!

If you’re not feeling the cake table for your wedding reception, consider having an entire buffet-like dessert spread instead. You can still have a traditional wedding cake if you like, just surround it with other dessert options! This is  also a fabulous display if you have a bride and a groom’s cake!

wedding cake buffet with other desserts

There is so much to see!

And To Top It Off…

Put a top on it! One of the easiest ways to customize your cake is with a topper. You can make it anything you want! From your favorite quote to your bride’s new last name–your cake can say whatever you want!

wedding cake topper

Keep it classy!

rose top wedding cake

You can always combine flowers with a classy top!


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