The leaves are changing, the chill of fall is finally in the air, and there is one thing in the forefront of everyone’s mind: food. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and people everywhere are planning their menu and discussing who will bring what to the big event. At A Catered Affair, we are excited to share our favorite Thanksgiving ideas and inspiration with you. Whether you want to try something different or are having trouble choosing what dish you’ll be bringing to the party, look no further than our mouth-watering recipes.

Thanksgiving Entrees

We know, Thanksgiving is all about turkey. Let’s not forget about its cousin the chicken, though. Maybe you don’t want to fork over the money for a giant turkey this year, or maybe you just don’t want to deal with thawing and cooking such a massive bird. Either way, chicken makes a fantastic alternative or addition to a turkey dinner. We don’t stop at chicken, though. Check out our top three favorite entrées for the holiday season.

Herb Marinated Chicken is an easy, scrumptious entrée that doesn’t take a lot of fancy ingredients. It’s just marinated, grilled chicken that gets topped with fresh herb pesto. Simple, but oh so satisfying.

Apple Stuffed Chicken is another great poultry dish that doesn’t take advanced culinary knowledge to create. This one is just chicken breast stuffed with apple and herbs and served with brandy apple sauce.

If you’re not feeling the chicken this year, try something outside the box and outside of tradition. What about a Mustard Glazed Tenderloin for the pork lovers of the world? This bad boy is glazed with a blend of mustards and served up with dijon cream. That’s right—dijon cream. Thank us later.

Thanksgiving Sides and Salads

We know you’re going to need some show-stopping side dishes to impress the in-laws. But first, who doesn’t love a nice crisp salad with Thanksgiving dinner? Our favorite is the Apple Almond Crunch Salad, complete with an apple cider vinaigrette. Does that sound amazing? Well, it is. While this blend of fruit and veggies is good enough to stand out in a crowd, just a salad won’t cut it for a holiday dinner. Try some Glazed Carrots mixed in a honey thyme glaze, or some Brown Butter Green Beans. Or if you’re feeling wild, you’ll definitely want to think about serving up some Caramelized Brussel Sprouts tossed with bacon and herbs. Now that tastes like the holidays.

Thanksgiving Sweet Treats

Thanksgiving is a time for pie. Pumpkin, buttermilk, pecan, or sweet potato. While these traditional desserts are often must-haves for your family, it’s fun to throw in a surprise or two as well. Like our delicious Sweet Potato Bites. Interested? You should be. These little guys are amazing appetizer sized bites of bliss that are sure to impress everyone at your dinner. A small piece of sweet potato serves as the base for marshmallow, pecans, brown sugar, and a bit of garnish. These delectable morsels are torched to create a char on the marshmallow that pulls the whole thing together. Bon appetit.

Hopefully A Catered Affair has inspired your holiday menu. Don’t be afraid to try something new and break away from the traditional dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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