These are our top picks for your seasonal menu. Be sure to incorporate these favorite fall foods while planning your event.


spinach and artichoke dip

Do you even need more than this incredible dip and some pita chips?

This frequently forgotten food is one of A Catered Affair’s favorite fall foods. Appearances are often deceiving when it comes to fresh produce, and this certainly applies to the artichoke. The reality is this odd looking food is extremely versatile and adds a ton pizzaz to most of the dishes in which it is found. Not only can you steam this bad boy and eat the leaves with a dip or use them as a base to build an impressive hors d’oeurve–you can also create an addictive dip like the crowd pleasing Spinach and Artichoke we love serving at our events. Peak season for artichoke is in the spring, but this delicious morsel does us a favor by making another quick appearance around October each year. Lucky for us, right?


mixed green salad

So simple, yet so delicious!

This is another vegetable that is in season in both spring and early fall. Arugula is an amazing food, effortlessly serving as both the star of the show in a mixed green salad, or adding just a hint of flare as a garnish for appetizers. Arugula has a slightly bitter flavor so it’s best to cut it with some other greens when using in a salad.


apple salad with berries

Apples not only add great flavor, but they make for a pretty salad, too!

Who doesn’t love apples? Seriously? Not only are they super healthy, they also taste amazing! Particularly in the fall during their peak growing season, apples are sweet, tart, and crispy and can be used for desserts, entrees, or sides! Does it get more versatile than that? You can have mini apple pies, caramel apple slices, or apple crisp for dessert. Or choose our apple stuffed chicken and try to stop your mouth from watering. Or, if you really want to experience the flavor of apples, try adding them to a salad for a sweet, crispy surprise.

Brussel Sprouts

Bacon wrapped brussel sprouts

Go ahead. Try to resist eating one of these.

These fantastic balls of flavor don’t get half the respect they deserve. When prepared properly they are packed with flavor and have a delicate, enjoyable texture that makes a wonderful side dish. We also love glazing, skewering, and serving them with bacon for a tasty, unexpected appetizer.


Carrots are one of our favorite vegetables. They are much sweeter than most veggies out there and that sweetness opens a lot of doors. From glazed side dishes to carrot cake, the options seem to never end! Carrots are absolutely one of our favorite fall foods to serve. Be sure to ask about our famous carrot cake when planning your fall menu!

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Written by Corinne Noelle

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