There’s a reason why spring weddings are so popular. Besides the gentle breezes and warming weather, the blooming of gorgeous blossoms can provide a perfect backdrop for your special day. Even if you have no immediate wedding plans, it’s never too early to get a start on envisioning your celebration.

Fragrant floral arrangements, silky-smooth tablecloths and pastel-colored bridesmaid dresses tend to come to mind when people imagine a spring wedding. However, the most enjoyable component of any party can also be the most visually appealing: the food!

Fun, bite-sized appetizers are the best way to express your personal taste with your catering choices. Try mini shrimp rolls, bite-sized scallops, or even a colorful array of tropical fruit. A seasonal main course dish can look pleasing to the eye as well; imagine herb-roasted chicken with fresh apricot, trout with parsley-caper vinaigrette, a mushroom and vegetable risotto.

Of course, dessert can oftentimes be the most creative element of your wedding’s fare. Color is your biggest tool here when considering your options: try small, cute pastries such as petit fours or macarons. If you want a traditional wedding cake, dot it with numerous flowers and make sure light colors like pink, yellow and lavender are featured!

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